Thomas Busch

Master's Degree in Administrative Sciences
Assistant lecturer at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz

Rechtanwalt Thomas Busch

Areas of Law

  • Aliens Law
    • Residence permit
    • Toleration (preliminary suspension of deportation)
    • Toleration for training purposes
    • Labour migration
    • Identification procedure
    • EU residence
    • Deportation
    • Custody pending deportation
    • Visa procedure
  • Asylum law
    • Asylum procedures (preparation and assistance)
    • Representation before German Administrative and Higher Administrative Courts
    • Asylum and refugee status recognition
    • Subsidiary protection
    • Deportation bans
    • Dublin procedure
    • Revocation procedures
  • Law on citizenship
    • Naturalisation
    • Acquiring foreign citizenship while retaining German citizenship
    • Establishing German citizenship
  • Lasting power of attorney
    • Living will
    • Health care proxy
    • General power of attorney
  • Criminal law
    • Police investigation procedures
    • Representation before local and regional courts
    • Criminal law covering young offenders
    • Initiation of criminal prosecution
    • Civil action incidental to criminal proceedings

Curriculum Vitae

1957Born in Berlin
1975Training to become a legal assistant
1977Studies of law in Mainz
1983First state examination
1983Civilian service in Heidelberg
1984Legal clerkship at the Regional Office for the Preservation of Historic Monuments (Landesamt für Denkmalpflege) in Mainz and the German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Cairo
1987Second state examination leading to the licence to practise as a lawyer in Mainz
1988Master's Degree in Administrative Sciences after further studies at the University for Administrative Sciences in Speyer